DIY Handheld Easter Egg Piñatas


I’m so excited about these cute little piñatas! Every person can have their own and they even break open in your hands to reveal the treats inside!


  • Tissue paper //
  • Empty cereal boxes //
  • Scissors //
  • Glue stick //
  • Tape //
  • Seam ripper //
  • Candy/small toys (pinata fillings!) //
  • Shredding/stuffing

Cut up a cereal box


Here is an egg shape that you can print out and use:

download button

Basically you just want an egg shape that is about 3.75″ long and 2.5″ wide.

Cut that out and trace it on to the front and back of your cereal box.


I used a standard size box and got 8 eggs to fit on the front but only did 6 on the back, you want to leave some space to use for the siding.

backofbox front of box

Cut them all out

cut eggs

draw a line down the center of the two sides of the box and cut along it

drawnline cutting

Divide whats left of the back of the box into three even sections and cut that as well.

lines on back

Place a small piece of cardboard underneath two egg shapes and use something small, round and sharp (I used a seam ripper) to poke holes through them in a straight line down the middle, creating a perforation.


Match up the side to the egg shape and perforate across it so it lines up with the perforation on the egg shapes. Only do this on one side.



Now begin taping the side to one egg shape.


Go around the whole egg but don’t tape over any of your perforations.

Now is the time to fill your egg with goodies!


candy filled

Attach the other side.

egg boxes

Cut the very edges where your perforations meet.

cut edge

Gather your tissue paper


Fold it up a few times and cut one strip about 4″ wide and another 1″ wide


Fold down the top about 3/4″ and cut, keep repeating till the strips are all cut up.


cuttingtissue cuttingtissue2

Then fringe cut each fold of paper.

cuttingfringe cuttingfringe2

On the bottom of your egg, glue a little square of tissue paper to hide the box there.


Apply glue to box and attach some fringe.



Continue to apply up the whole side, mixing patterns if you like.

gluebottom2 tissuebottom3

Now do the other side and the front.

gluefront gluefront2

Trim the front.


You’re done!

finished1 finished2

Hand them out to everyone (or make them hunt for em!) and instruct them to hold on to both ends and bend.


They should bust right along the perforated line and stay in tact on the side that we didn’t perforate.

beginbreaking breaking1 breaking2 breaking3


open2 open3

I hope you and your guests love these little piñatas as much as we did!


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  1. says

    This is a wonderful idea and I can see it working for any holiday. Mini heart, pumpkin and Christmas tree pinatas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Machelle says

    I know! We’ll probably go wild and do many, many versions of these little guys, they’re just so much fun! Thanks Tawnya!

  3. says

    I love these! I think they would be almost as much fun to make and fill as they would be to crack open! I’ll be sharing your idea soon on The Crafty Crow :)


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