Halloween Soda Pop Labels | Free Printable Friday

1 Holiday themed printables are too much fun! Our family’s Halloween get together this Sunday is definitely going to include these spooky soda bottle labels. You could use them on water bottles as well!


download-buttono Happy finds this week:
These pistachio shell flowers are pretty fab
Rich and fantastical wedding
Make your commute more meaningful
Absolutely love these wedding invitations
Cake mix pancakes. Endless possibilities!

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Costume Party Animals

4 Are you hosting a costume party this year? Really, if you’re hosting any Halloween party, it needs to be costume-mandatory, right? I mean, costumes are so much fun! They’re pretty much what sets Halloween apart from all the other holidays!

These plastic animal toys know exactly how fun it is to get dressed up!

6 You could use these for so many things at your get-together. Decor, favors, cake toppers, food card holders, place card holders or use them as the prizes for your costume contest!


Plastic animal toys
Assorted color paints
Paint brushes
Prize labels

These animals may look time consuming or artistic but I promise you they were neither! Start by giving your animals a layer of primer. If you’re doing a Frankenstein animal, cut tiny pieces off a toothpick and hot glue them to the sides of your animals neck.

10 Now give each animal it’s first layer of paint. I did an orange jack o’ lantern, a green witch, a black skeleton, green face and paws with a black body Frankenstein and a white ghost.

9 Now add the details. Black eyes and mouth for your ghost (ok, this one turned out really freaky…), black face and green stem for your pumpkin, a skeletal outline on your black animal, paint the nails in the Frankenstein black and add a couple black stitches. Make a tiny witch hate by cutting two little circles from black card stock or construction paper. Roll one up into a cone shape glue it to the middle of the other circle and glue the hat to your animals head.

5 7 If your’e using them as prizes, you can download my labels here. Cut them out and attach to each one with ribbon or twine.

1 2 Now go party like the animal you are and maybe try to win a prize while you’re at it.


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DIY Vintage Princess Lolly Costume

Malissa and I are used to spelling out our names for people. Even before I had a super long Dutch last name and Malissa had a pretty French one, we had one of those names where people say, “Huh?” when they hear it. So, after we spelt it out once or twice and they still couldn’t quite visualize it we were known to say, “It’s like Candyland, without the Y.”

We always felt a particular affinity for Candyland because of our similar last name and I have always wanted to be Princess Lolly for Halloween. Several years i began making the costume but never got very far. I was deterred by all the sewing I’d have to do. But this year, I found this perfect yellow dress at H&M for $7! Now faced with minimal sewing {and this could easily be made with no sewing at all!} I just knew this year was the year I’d be making my Candyland dream come true!

Now a few years ago, they re-designed all the characters in Candyland and while I’m all for updating things, I really feel like the new Princess Lolly is a gigantic step down from the first versions in terms of cuteness. So this costume is based off of the vintage Candyland games, the ones with a Lolly that looks like this:

20141014_164505 She’s so cute, am I right?! Let’s get dressed up!


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Pumpkin Balloon Straws

2 6 For our birthday this year we decided we couldn’t possibly have enough balloons {obviously!} and so we even wrapped them around our straws. We shared that delightfulness here and we even took those straws with us out to restaurants because they were just so birthday-happy!

Well now we’ve put a little Halloween spin on them by using only orange balloons and adding little green paper stems. Pumpkins! These would be an absolutely delightful addition to your Halloween or fall party, don’t ya think?


Orange water balloons
Hand balloon pump
Paper straws
Green card stock paper
Double-sided tape


Blow up your balloons and pull the knot tightly to give as much balloon as possible to wrap around your straws and pull through. Then cut little curved pieces of green card stock out, fold a small portion of it back and add a piece of double-sided tape then stick it to the top of your balloons.

3 That’s it! Super simple but such a fun, big impact!


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The Original Pink Sugar Cookie Costume


Every year at Christmas-time our family gets together and has “baking day”. We make a list of all our favorite baked goods and we bake them all day. We get covered in flour, sugar, food coloring and frosting and then we get to snack on as much of the resulting treats as we like. It’s a good day.

For many years the only treat I ever requested we make was sugar cookies. And I was the only one who requested it. The reason for this is because in my head I always had fantasies of our sugar cookies turning out exactly like the big, fluffy, pink frosted ones in the store. Every year I was wrong and every year I was the only one who still thought our cookie recipe would magically turn out to be fluffy and soft, hence why I was the only one requesting them.

If, however, we had made cookies as good as the giant soft vending machine kind, I think the whole family would’ve voted that sugar cookies be made every year because who doesn’t LOVE the Original Pink Sugar Cookies??! Nobody. And if someone doesn’t, we don’t want to know them.

7 So this year, a couple months before baking day, we’re thinking about those soft cookies and realized there is a way for us to attain them at home. Dress up as one for the next best holiday.



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Halloween Treat Tags | Free Printable Friday

halloweentags Oh boy, Halloween is going to be here before we know it! Obviously this year I’ve been a little in love with vintage Halloween imagery and here’s another printable for you featuring it. Add these little tags to the treats you plan on dealing out at the door or to party guests.

download-buttono Link treats:
Clever, slightly creepy, treat packaging
Love fonts? Follow these ten instagrammers.
Absolutely adore these sketch swaps
Pretty pumpkin macarons
Quirky and delightful pumpkin decorating
Useful lip shaping makeup techniques
Love these color block DIY candles


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