DIY Faux Marble Lamp

fauxmarblelamp_1 Our latest Drifter + the Gypsy post is a fun one! The concept here is really similar to my copper pipe lamp and it is really very simple. Just make sure to carefully follow the wiring instructions! And just for those of you wondering how the marble contact paper looks in real life–it looks fantastic! I love the marble contact paper I found and I am sure any brand would look equally great.


  • Wood plaque (any shape you want, you can get these at almost any craft store)
  • Lamp kit //
  • Light bulb //
  • Drill //
  • ¼ inch drill bit //
  • Cardboard tube (from wrapping paper) //
  • Acrylic bumpers //
  • Screwdriver //
  • Marble contact paper //
  • Spray paint (optional) //
  • Super glue

fauxmarblelamp_steps Steps:

1. Optional: Spray paint the wood plaque.

2. Take the cardboard tube and mark off at how high you want the lamp to be. I did about 12 inches.

3. Cut the tube.

4. Roll out the contact paper and start to peel it off. Place the tube on top and carefully roll it over the paper.

5. As you roll, make sure to get any bubbles out.

6. Cut the contact paper off once the tube is entirely covered. Cut off any excess paper.

7. Take the drill and drill bit and drill a small hole in the middle of the plaque.

8. Next, take the cord and place it through the hole through the bottom.

9. Take the tube and place it over the cord and make sure the cord just peeks out of the tube a little bit.

10. Now take the socket from the lamp kit and use a screwdriver to loosen the screws.

11. Attach the wires to the screws. You will want to take the ribbed wire and wrap it clockwise around the silver screw. Repeat with the other wire on the bronze screw. Make sure that the cord is not plugged in!

12. Place the socket cover on top of the socket.

13. Screw in the light bulb.

14. Now glue the bottom of the tube to the wood base for extra security.

15. Place four bumpers on the bottom of the plaque.

16. Plug in your lamp! fauxmarblelamp_4 fauxmarblelamp_5

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Copper Flower Place Cards

flernamecards2 flernamecards13
With Mother’s Day coming up as well as even warmer weather, I have a feeling we will be hosting more parties and brunches. Especially since at this time of year our favorite flowers become available. So obviously we have to make the most of that short time!

And that is how these were born. I found some ranunculus, wanted to immediately use them for everything and then saw my copper pipe hanging around and realized they go great together!


  • Flowers //
  • Sticker paper (or regular paper and glue) //
  • Marker //
  • Scissors //
  • Flowers //
  • Copper Coupling

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Mother’s Day Print | Free Printable Friday

Mother’s Day is coming up quick so in short order we all need to get our gifts and cards for our moms! We’ll be posting some fun gift ideas in the next two weeks to help with that. In the meantime, this print can serve as a card (just size it to any size) or just decoration for the day!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy some nice spring weather! download5 mothersdayprint1

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DIY Marble Magazine Holder

marble magazine holder14 copy

Office organization is not something I am great at. You should see my work desk. Not pretty. But at home I am trying to have a more organized craft room and this project was a great way to start that off. And the main material was a shoe box (score!).

marble magazine holder9

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$15 Marble Fireplace Makeover



I am sure you guessed that this can’t be real marble seeing as it was only $15! But it looks almost as nice, right? The fireplace in our rental is really dark- dark wood plus black slate and I wish so badly I could just paint it white and replace the slate. But I’m not so sure that would go over well with our landlord so this temporary solution will do for now.


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