Party Hat Utensil Holders


TODAY IS OUR BIRTHDAY!!! Of course we will be spending it eating our favorite food and treats and just generally spoiling ourselves.

There are endless little party details you can fill your birthday with and I love this one because it is so simple and easy!


  • Patterned paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Tissue Paper
  • Mini clothespins
  • Small glassine bags (I used these in mint)

hatpartybags6 directionsheader 1. Print out one of the free patterns and trace and cut out a small triangle.

hatssteps1 2. Cut small strips out of the tissue paper and use a glue gun or glue stick to stick 4-5 pieces on top of the triangle. hatsteps2

3. Use a glue gun to secure the mini clothespin to the back of the hat. Pin the finished hat to the side of the bag and fill with utensils. hatstep3

Pair these with the balloon placecards and candle napkin rings and you have a lovely birthday set up!

hatpartybags3 hatpartybags4 hatpartybags5 hatpartybags1


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Happy Birthday Bunting Banner | Free Printable Friday


A free little banner to display for your next birthday boy or girl! I’m planning on leaving this happy little thing up all week at my house.

Just download, print on card stock and punch out two holes in the top corners, then string twine or ribbon through them and hang!

download-buttonpink 2 And head on over to Drifter and The Gypsy to check out our guest tutorial for a great entryway table!

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DIY Gilded Birthday Candle Accessories

Even though I adore the bright, happy colors associated with birthday candles, sometimes you want to make them a little more sophisticated. Like, say, if you want to wear them. Gilding them in gold accomplishes just this. Plus, I love how the strong metallic makes it hard to tell if these are real candles or actually made from metal. Fancy or DIY?


Birthday candles
Spray primer
Gold Spray paint
E6000 glue
Accessory parts
-necklace chains
-earring backs
-ring bases
-brooch pins
-hair combs or bobby pins

If you want some of your accessories to have shorter candles instead of full size, just cut them down with scissors. Then prime your candles. The easiest way I thought of to do this is to stick a needle slowly up the bottom of them and stick the other end of the needle into floral foam. Or use a candle pick and then cut the candle down after painting. This elevates the candles so you can get all angles. After your primer dries, spray them with your paint color.


When this dries, you can adhere them to your accessory bases using E6000 glue. Its definitely the best for jewelry crafting and creates a really strong hold. For the necklace I made, I took an open crimp bead and slowly pushed it in to the candle. Then I removed it, attached a ring and then put a little dab of glue on the crimp bead and inserted it back in.

11 3 I also made a brooch, a hair comb, a bobby pin and a pair of earrings!

4 -14 1 I think I’ll wear at least one piece of this jewelry every single day all year. My birthday is that important.


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Mini Hooray Tags

hooraytags5 Sometimes you need little pennant signs trumpeting “Hooray!” For those times, we have these mini banners that can be used for SO many things.


  • Polymer clay
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Awl or needle
  • Knife



1. Take your clay and roll it flat using a roller pin.
2. Use a knife to cut little triangles out.
3. Use an awl or needle to create a little hole in the triangle. This will be for stringing twine through.
4. Bake the clay according to instructions. For me, this was 275 degrees for 15 minutes.
5. Use acrylic paint to paint the word Hooray on your tags (or any other word of your choosing!)
6. Use twine to string the tags onto anything.

These would make great gift tags or you could tie them around utensils or use them as napkin rings with some twine. I put them around a mason jar to hold the straws and around little vases!


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Party Hat Cake Topper


If you are doing weeks of birthday tutorials, you have to include a cake topper in your list. Luckily this one only takes about 5 minutes and you are all set so if you are looking for a last minute cake or treat topper, you are all set!


directionsheader1. Print and cut out the cone template and trace unto your patterned paper. Use any scrapbook paper or wrapping paper you have on hand or download our free patterns below and print unto cardstock.
download-button4 yellow 2. Roll your paper into a cone just to get the shape right before adding glue. Apply whatever glue you’d like to one edge. partyhatsteps1
3. Next make a mini tassel. Cut a rectangle of tissue paper about 2″ x 5″. Fold this in half three times hamburger style and then once the other direction. Cut a tiny fringe, unfold once, roll it up and then fold it back in half and twist it together. I made mine a little larger at first so I ended up trimming the top. If you cut it the size above you should be fine though! partyhatsteps2
4. Use hot glue to attach the mini tassel to the top of the cone and then use glue to secure the lollipop stick in the bottom of the hat! partyhatsteps3
Place the little party hat on top of your cake or other treat and party on!


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Egg Carton Birthday Party Invitation

3 IMG_0567 Oh boy, our birthday is only one week away! We’re having so much fun counting down the days with these birthday-inspired posts and I’m really excited about all the fun ones we have this week for you!

For today’s post, we have these delightful birthday invitations! How absolutely fun would it be to receive a birthday party invitation that’s almost like a present itself? I don’t think a single one of your invited guests could miss out on a party that had this fun of an invitation, just imagine the party to follow!

IMG_0446 copy

  • Paper pulp egg cartons
  • Acrylic paints
  • Invitation printables
  • Carton fillings:
    -water balloons
    -party poppers
    -party blowouts
  • Balloons

IMG_0411 copy I used 6 count egg cartons but I’m thinking you could probably use a normal dozen one and cut it in half {or give a larger, more awesome invite!}. Using acrylic paints, paint your cartons. I gave each two coats.

2 You can download the invitations that I used by clicking on the following link, I left the inside blank so you can write on your own details or load it in to a photo editing program and add them there.

download-buttonpink Print out onto normal copy paper, cut out and using any kind of glue attach the “you’re invited” print to the top of your carton and the detail-filled one on the inside. Fill your cartons with any goodies you’d like!

IMG_0417 copy IMG_0429 copy I filled mine with confetti that I got from the inside of a party popper, mini water balloons that I used a hand pump to just slightly pump up, some candy, gum balls, mini party blowouts and party poppers wrapped in birthday labels.

IMG_0443 copy Fill matching balloons with helium and then use paint markers to write the invitee’s names on the balloons. Tie the balloons to your cartons by slipping through the holes on the top of the carton.

IMG_0462 copy IMG_0464 Now your invites are ready to be dropped off at all your friend’s homes! Leave them by the door or mailbox and allow your friends to be utterly delighted upon finding it!

IMG_0568 IMG_0590 This idea could easily be used for party favors as well. Just create new prints to adhere thanking your guests for attending and then fill with appropriate gifts! You could even house your gift to the person being celebrated at any party in these cartons. A fun way to recycle and so personalizable! Pure delight is sure to ensue from the receiver.


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