Pumpkin Balloon Straws

2 6 For our birthday this year we decided we couldn’t possibly have enough balloons {obviously!} and so we even wrapped them around our straws. We shared that delightfulness here and we even took those straws with us out to restaurants because they were just so birthday-happy!

Well now we’ve put a little Halloween spin on them by using only orange balloons and adding little green paper stems. Pumpkins! These would be an absolutely delightful addition to your Halloween or fall party, don’t ya think?


Orange water balloons
Hand balloon pump
Paper straws
Green card stock paper
Double-sided tape


Blow up your balloons and pull the knot tightly to give as much balloon as possible to wrap around your straws and pull through. Then cut little curved pieces of green card stock out, fold a small portion of it back and add a piece of double-sided tape then stick it to the top of your balloons.

3 That’s it! Super simple but such a fun, big impact!


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The Original Pink Sugar Cookie Costume


Every year at Christmas-time our family gets together and has “baking day”. We make a list of all our favorite baked goods and we bake them all day. We get covered in flour, sugar, food coloring and frosting and then we get to snack on as much of the resulting treats as we like. It’s a good day.

For many years the only treat I ever requested we make was sugar cookies. And I was the only one who requested it. The reason for this is because in my head I always had fantasies of our sugar cookies turning out exactly like the big, fluffy, pink frosted ones in the store. Every year I was wrong and every year I was the only one who still thought our cookie recipe would magically turn out to be fluffy and soft, hence why I was the only one requesting them.

If, however, we had made cookies as good as the giant soft vending machine kind, I think the whole family would’ve voted that sugar cookies be made every year because who doesn’t LOVE the Original Pink Sugar Cookies??! Nobody. And if someone doesn’t, we don’t want to know them.

7 So this year, a couple months before baking day, we’re thinking about those soft cookies and realized there is a way for us to attain them at home. Dress up as one for the next best holiday.



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Halloween Treat Tags | Free Printable Friday

halloweentags Oh boy, Halloween is going to be here before we know it! Obviously this year I’ve been a little in love with vintage Halloween imagery and here’s another printable for you featuring it. Add these little tags to the treats you plan on dealing out at the door or to party guests.

download-buttono Link treats:
Clever, slightly creepy, treat packaging
Love fonts? Follow these ten instagrammers.
Absolutely adore these sketch swaps
Pretty pumpkin macarons
Quirky and delightful pumpkin decorating
Useful lip shaping makeup techniques
Love these color block DIY candles


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Party Hat Costume

7 So technically you could just throw a party hat on yourself and call it a costume. But let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be winning any contests. Buuut if you dressed as a party hat? Well, well hello most fun award.

2 I mean party hats just scream fun! And your fun self wrapped up as one? *KABOOM* mind blown by fun-ness.


Dress with a circle skirt
1/2 yard fabric
1 yard tulle
Small hula hoop
Hot glue gun/glue
Sewing machine

I found this cute aqua dress at H&M just last week for $10 but I found several solid colored circle skirt dresses at every woman’s clothing store I went to on the sale racks so this shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive. Then pick out a fabric and a matching tulle that you think goes well with the dress.

105233 First cut out circles from your fabric. I traced a small plate and cut out six. I ironed them all under about a quarter inch which makes it so you can sew them on without getting puckers or wrinkles in your circles. Pink them to your dress and then sew them on.

12 Cut long strips from your remaining fabric and sew them together to create one long strip then do the same with your tulle. You’ll need a strip about two to three as long as the bottom of your dress.

15 Now take your hula hoop and pin your fabric around it to get the dress stretched around your hoop the way you like it. You could sew around this if you wanted but I didn’t like the way it pulled my fabric so I just used it as a guide and unpinned and hot glued the fabric to the hoop. Apply your glue to the fabric and stick that to the hoop instead of the other way around so that the glue doesn’t melt your plastic on the hoop.

13 Serge the edges of your fabric and then layer the tulle on your fabric and ruffle it down the middle. Probably the greatest thing I’ve learnt in the last…as long as I can remember…is that if you hold the top thread taunt while you sew, you instantly get ruffles!

16 Now hot glue this to the bottom of your dress!

160648 To make the top of the hat, take your remaining tulle (for me that was about 1/4 yard) and scrunch it up. Like your would with tissue paper you’re going to stuff in a gift bag. Then hot glue this to a headband. There really is no wrong way to go about this, just stick it on and keep messing with it!

14 Now you’re ready to get your party on!!

9 10 8

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Bohemian Glamour Outdoor Dinner Party

IMG_0917 IMG_0920 I’m excited to share our birthday party with you today! This birthday was definitely, hands down, the best one in a long time! Miles beyond the last three at least. When you’ve spent your whole life sharing your birthday with your best friend, its just unnatural not to! Well, its unnatural to be apart at all really :)

IMG_0942 Well luckily for us, this year could be different and so of course we had to throw a little party with our family to commemorate it! It was a simple dinner but I love how the presentation turned out.

IMG_1035 We went with a glamorous, bohemian look mixing ornate glasses, copper accents, gorgeous printed papers and natural elements like wood and fresh flowers.

IMG_0912 One of my favorite parts of this party was this gorgeous treat stand.

IMG_0875 IMG_0879 Built from wood crates and decoupaged with World Market paper, it turned out to be such a vivid accent. Plus, topped with those yummy treats, don’t you just wanna stare at it?!

IMG_0894 1 2 Stay tuned for the tutorial on how we made it!

IMG_1040 The table scape featured these eco-friendly plates made from naturally fallen leaves and they added such a fresh, gorgeous textured look, don’t you think?

IMG_0973 6 IMG_0939 We surrounded the plates with our favorite wood utensils that we also covered in our papers as well as lightly stroked with copper and gold paints.

5 IMG_1003 I’ve always loved the mix of glamorous and rustic and our ornate glassware paired with our recycled tree dinnerware accomplished this perfectly.

IMG_0984 IMG_0941 We found these cups at Hobby Lobby a few months ago, crazy right? They’re food safe and were on sale for SUCH a great price. We just couldn’t pass them up and boy am I glad we didn’t. Even if they never made another appearance in my life, it would be worth it just for this party!

4 IMG_0969 IMG_1081 We inserted paper straws with sweet little flags also made from that same gorgeous paper. Oh how we love World Market’s handmade papers.

IMG_1037 IMG_1030 Should we talk about our flower arrangements?!

IMG_0939 We topped our cardboard cake stands with an assortment of autumn-y colored flowers and we have to say we’re in love with the result! A tutorial coming soon on those as well!

3 Another favorite feature was the toasted marshmallow stations we set out on the dinner table.

IMG_0977 7 At any time inspiration hit, our guests could spear a mallow and go to town!

IMG_0987 Mmmm, this makes me want a toasted marshmallow RIGHT NOW! And of course we loved the copper accents here. The candlesticks are from H&M and the bowls we painted ourselves from thrifted finds.

Really, we could not have been happier with our a quickly thrown together dinner party turned out! Especially because that day called for rain but actually ended up being perfect. Hmm, I guess even the sky knows not to mess with us on our birthday.

IMG_0926 IMG_0921 IMG_0930 IMG_1053 IMG_1085 IMG_0960 Our mom graciously prepared a DELICIOUS meal full of fresh garden items and the dish we chose every. single. year. until we moved out: mac n’ cheese.

IMG_1114 My dad makes the most delicious mac n’ cheese. Second only to Kraft. Yes, we really really love that fake-orange colored juvenile deliciousness. And look how cute our family is here about to enjoy this fabulous meal.

IMG_1127 IMG_1132 We’re lucky, lucky girls and I miss Malissa so badly already :( At least I have the memory of this party to keep me going until Christmas.


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Fringed Candy Corn Backdrop

5 12 7 Are you planning any get-togethers this Halloween season? If so, there are no shortages of adorable, themed food items for your spread but what about making the table area adorable? Backdrops can be tricky and time consuming but this one isn’t either of those things! Party Pail sent me an assortment of colored streamers and the orange, yellow and white were perfect for my candy corn themed fete.


Party Pail Streamers
Poster board
Double-sided tape (optional)

Take your poster board and cut it in to a cone shape. I just eyeballed mine but you could be a lot more precise and draw it out first.

Use a glue stick and start sticking your yellow streamers along the bottom, don’t worry about the lengths of your pieces now, just make sure they hang longer than the board. Do 2-3 layers of yellow and then add orange several inches above, repeat a few rows and then apply white from the top down. I used double-sided tape to do the white because you’ll need the pieces to be stuck all down the sides for when you trim them since the tops may not hit the board at all and glue can show through slightly.

Flip your board over and trim around the edges (except the bottom). At this point it’s easiest to hang it on the wall so you can get a real idea of how your streamers will fall. Then trim each color fairly evenly across the bottom.

14 I love that this backdrop is textured and easy to remove and use for so many purposes!

3 13 10 You could even use two {or more!} boards to create a huge, huge candy corn! Just tape them together from the back before applying fringe.

13 6 8 4 11 5 We’d love to know what themes you guys are using for Halloween parties this year, leave it in the comments!

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