Wizard of Oz Day and a Farmer’s Market

819_175020 Stella and I had such a great week last week! First we took a quick little trip to Saint George with several of my family members so we could all play and go to Tuacahn. My mom and sister-in-law planned the cutest themed days to go along with each musical they went to see. We got to be there for Wizard of Oz day and it was too cute!

175731 There was a cute little treat table with the most clever ideas for food.

180001 75622 These Dorothy themed food tent signs are available in our Etsy shop here.

That morning the family all headed to the park to break open a cute rainbow piñata and then ride a “cyclone”.

5415 How cute is our sweet little niece!? I miss her already!

Our cyclone {aka carousel ride} might not have taken us over any rainbows but it sure was fun!

19_223359 Then on Sunday Stella and I finally made it to the Wheeler Farm Farmer’s Market.

150811 As if a place where you can by handmade goods and organic food of all kinds sold by some of the cutest, sweetest people around wasn’t enough, just look at the gorgeous location of this market!

153631 9_151016 It’s a historical site that still has a sweet little farm full of animals and tons of just really beautiful landscaping. Ponds, picnic areas, flowers, windy paths and awesome vintage buildings and wagons.

91559559 And check out my loot! Amazing flavored olive oils, granola, salsa, the most beautiful piece of cake, sweet french macarons, an amazing dressing for everything, gorgeous smelling honey whipped lotion and some fabulous soaps. All for really great prices too!

92029110 It really was the perfect start to an absolutely gorgeous Sunday! And look how cute my little buddy miss Stella looked in her new outfit from Aunt Malissa.

73711-2 I can’t believe she’s already 3 months old!

And a special shout out to our Mom who celebrated her birthday on Saturday. I am sure Malissa and I got our love of holidays and celebrating from her. Every dinner is a gorgeous special occasion and she loves an excuse to add a theme and decorations whenever she can. Plus, you won’t find a woman you loves being a Grandma more than her or one anywhere near as fun! We sure are lucky and we love her so much!


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Let’s Get Lost Canvas Art

Lost Without You Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot Lost Without You Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot

This canvas art DIY is pretty similar to the I’d be Lost Without You Printable I posted a few months back. I really loved the colored mountains on that print and thought I would do something similar with paint. I’m also not quite convinced this is a tutorial since it is so easy, but here are the materials and steps anyway!


  • Canvas ( used 8″x10″)
  • Paint in three colors (I used Martha Stewart craft paint in light coral/peach, light mint, and light pink)
  • Gold pen/marker

Let's Get Lost Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot


I made triangle templates to trace, but you can just as easily free-hand the triangles. I made 3 in slightly different sizes and placed them on the canvas to see where I wanted to paint them. Let's Get Lost Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot

Paint the triangles one by one, I started on the right hand side and worked my way to the left. After each triangle, wait for the paint to dry completely.

Let's Get Lost Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot Let's Get Lost Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot Let's Get Lost Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot

Once all the triangles are dry, write a quote on top of them. I chose “Let’s Get Lost” in gold. Let's Get Lost Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot

Hang up your new art work! I tried it in a gallery wall and on my small entry table. I can’t decide what I like best. For now it is on my table.

Lost Without You Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot Lost Without You Canvas Art | A Joyful Riot

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DIY Cardboard Cakestands

200845 07805322678-1 30822 There is no shortage of amazing, adorable cake stands in the world but sometimes you’re in a pinch, either financially or time-wise. Enter these frugal DIY ones to save the day! Heck, even if you have a spare $100 and a month of time, these are so customizable, unique and pretty that you should probably whip some up for yourself anyway.

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors/Xacto knife
  • Paper (pretty much any kind will work!)
  • Glue – Mod Podge, glue stick and hot glue gun
  • Cakestand Templates


You could use any design you can think up for your bases but I’ve also created 6 different ones you can use. They’re all the ones seen on my stands except the really tall one in the first photo

download-buttont Cut out the one you want and trace it on to cardboard 4 times. I traced plates, bowls and cups I had for the tops of my stands.Use scissors or an Xacto knife to cut the pieces out.

Then trace your base pieces onto your paper. I absolutely loved the results I got from the handmade recycled paper from World Market. Make sure you have 8 pieces total, 4 facing one direction and 4 facing the other direction. I traced my base piece twice facing opposite ways and then accordion folded my paper 3 times, then cut. Two cuts=8 pieces. Win.

-1 Next you’ll want to apply glue to your cardboard pieces. Mod Podge was perfect for the thick World Market papers but a glue stick worked better for the regular wrapping paper ones.

07634-1 Now, using a glue gun, apply glue down the straight side of one of your pieces and stick and opposite facing piece to it.

953658996-1 Then apply glue down the seam of those two pieces and stick the straight side of another piece to that. Do the same on the other side.

14467-1 Find the center of your top and mark it then apply glue all along the top of the base and matching the center up to your mark, press onto the top. For extra strength, apply glue along the connection of the two pieces.

78373-1 That’s it! Unique, perfectly matching cakestands for any event!

805179234-1 Try to ignore my sad cupcakes. They had to spend some time in the car and the heat wasn’t good to them. :(

Speaking of cupcakes, I love this little single cupcake stand.


809_230700 The possibilities really are endless with these guys! From floral to striped, round to square and little ^ to big!

200946 I used some cardboard cake stands for my husband’s birthday celebration here. I loved them! They were sturdy and looked great with the decor.

Now start saving your boxes {in my case its diaper boxes :)} so you will never be caught without a cake stand again!


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Chevron Elephant Print | Free Printable Friday


 This print can have so many purposes! I envision it for nursery decor but you can change the size and use for a card, or use for party decor or hang it up in any room. Size is 8″x10″, download below!

download-buttonpinkSome things we love:

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Dotted Ombre Canvas Art


See I said I had a few more canvas art projects in the works! I had these great shelves above our dining table and they really helped break up the large wall that is in our living/dining room. But sadly our rental townhouse has no studs to speak of. After using major wall anchors, the shelves lasted about a year. But alas, the shelves began to slowly tilt down and we finally decided it was best to remove them.

Unfortunately, this left a few larger holes and an large empty wall space. So I decided to do another canvas art project.materialsheader

  • Canvas (mine was 24″ x 48″)
  • Acrylic paint in white and one color
  • Circle stamp (or make your own from foam)
  • Stamp block
  • Felt
  • Paint brush

Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot

directionsheaderI knew that I wouldn’t be able to free hand circles too well so I decided to stamp them and then fill the circles all the way in with a paint brush.

If you have or can find a circle stamp, great! I ended up using a circle foam shape (check any craft stores for foam shapes) and made my own stamp and stamp pad (detailed instructions on both can be found here).

Since I wanted this to be a subtle ombre in three colors I divided the canvas into thirds (16″ in my case) Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot I started on the left with the darkest color and used the stamp to place circles in random places over the canvas. Once I was done with the first color, I used a paint brush to fill in the sections that were not entirely covered by the stamp (mainly the centers). Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot

When I got to the first mark at 16″ I added white to the coral to create a lighter shade and then stamped the next color. I made sure that the colors were not very different shades and that the transition between colors was smooth.

Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot I finished stamping the canvas in the last shade and then filled in the places that the stamp did not cover using a paint brush.

Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot Hang up your new art work! The ombre is very subtle and from far away it is hard to tell the difference in colors. If you really want the ombre to pop, add a good amount of white to the base color in between each color change.

Here is a shot of the art next to the rest of the my large wall. I think I like how it all goes together!

Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot ombrewallart Dotted Ombre Wall Art | A Joyful Riot

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DIY Color Block Letters

fav1 fav2 I have such a hard time with my walls! I love gallery walls and easy DIY art work but sometimes I want to mix it up a little bit and I can never seem to find quite the right project. But I think these letters fit the bill. They are bright, fun, and unique and not another gallery wall or canvas art project. Although, don’t worry, I do love my DIY art and I have more canvas art projects in the works!

  • Wood letters (I got mine at Michael’s for $1.50 a letter)
  • Paint (I used mint, light coral, turquoise, yellow and light pink Martha Stewart Craft Paint)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paint brush
  • Command strips (to hang)


1. Pick the word/s or phrase you want on your wall. This will probably be the hardest part. I had several ideas and in several cases the letter selection at Michael’s let me down. But I finally found the letters for the phrase “you are my favorite.”

2. Use painter’s tape to block off sections of each letter. I tried to vary this a little with each letter and tried to make them all a little different.


Make sure the tape is on there tightly and that you smooth out any possible bubbles.


3. Paint the the sections of the letters that are exposed. I wanted more of the wood to show so I painted the smaller sections of each letter but you could paint the majority of them and just have the wood show through where the tape is. It just depends on what final look you want.


4. Let the paint dry and then peel off the tape.


5. Hang them on your wall! I used command strips and so far they are holding them up great!

DSC_1059 fav2 DSC_1054 DSC_1062 fav1

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