Modern Toy Stocking Hangers

Whimsical Toy Stocking Hanger DIY-26

Alright folks! Thanksgiving is over and now we can all officially start celebrating and creating for the best holiday of the year! We’ve already shared a handful of Christmas DIYs here this year but now we’re ready to jump all in with tons of festive ideas for gifts, decor and food.

This Christmas decor craft solves my most pervasive Christmas problem, “How on earth do I hang these stockings?!”

Whimsical Toy Stocking Hanger DIY-11

I seriously never know how to hang up stockings! How is it normally done?! My family always set our stockings out in a certain spot of the living room and all our gifts were laid out there as well so we didn’t really hang them except as decor beforehand. While I love the idea of having stockings so full and heavy that they can’t be hung :) I also love the typical hanging over the fireplace scene so I’m always on a hunt to figure out the best way to make this happen.

This year, I created these minimal and modern colorful toy stocking hangers and they were just what I was looking for!

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25 of the Easiest Advent Calendars

advent calendar collage

I Absolutely LOVE the idea of advent calendars! To me, it helps slow down the season as you patiently wait for each day to come and reveal your new treat/present/task/reminder.

When we were kids we always, always got the chocolate ones. I don’t think I even knew any other kind of advent calendar existed! And I’m sure there weren’t nearly as many amazing DIY ideas as there are today!

So I’ve scoured the DIY-net and found 25 of my most favorite and easy ideas ever! I love every one of these and I bet a lot of them will be new to you because a lot of them are new this year! They all range in easiness but I’ve included ideas on the more involved ones to make them even easier.

Now get to it! Your advents need to start in T-minus 6 days, which is time a plenty for each of these ideas!

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DIY Wall-Mounted Copper Pipe Christmas Tree

Wall-mounted Copper Pipe Tree @ajoyfulriot

This year we are all about alternative Christmas trees. Nothing wrong with the traditional Douglas-fir tree of course but sometimes you want to mix it up a little bit! And if you are a fairly constant visitor to AJR you already know we have an extreme fondness for copper pipe (what can it not be used for?!). So when we were brainstorming ideas for a new take on the Christmas tree we immediately looked toward copper pipe and we love the modern look it has. Plus, this tree is mounted on your wall so if you live in a small apartment or are just lacking space in general this is the perfect solution.

Wall-mounted Copper Pipe Tree @ajoyfulriot

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Simple Leaf Napkin Rings + Place Cards

Simple Leaf Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving @ajoyfulriot We wanted to get in one last fall/Thanksgiving post in before we go full-on Christmas over here! PandaHall recently sent us the prettiest gemstone pendants and I wanted to incorporate them into Thanksgiving decor – I mean how gorgeous is the jade color next to autumn orange? Head on over here for more of their pendants!


  • Leaf //
  • Gold Pen/Marker //
  • Twine //
  • Napkin //
  • Gemstone Pendant //
  • Scissors //

Also, in case you are wondering what to do with your kid’s while you are finishing up your mashed potatoes, this would be an easy craft for them to help with!

Simple Leaf Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving @ajoyfulrio
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DIY Mint Green Christmas Tree {Spray Painted Tree}

I have the best news ever. Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready? Ok, I think you guys can handle this…here it goes:

You can spray paint an artificial Christmas tree. Yeah. Like really, you can.

How to spray paint a Christmas tree-20

Remember how every time you’re in the Christmas section at the store and you’re like “wow that silver tree is really cool and unique but it’s only 2 feet tall and it kind of just looks like tacky tinsel forming a sparse tree….Gee I wish I could have unique colored christmas tree that was also pretty and normal sized…” Well the Christmas fairy has spread her wings and landed here in front of you to say that YOU CAN!

How to spray paint a Christmas tree-12

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